About Us

We are so delighted to conduct Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) for the sixth time in 2019. IIBC has become the ultimate destination, among other events, for finance and investment enthusiast, where these outstanding students gather to compete and discuss recent issues in investment banking industry. As a place to jumpstart student’s career, IIBC provides first-hand experience at solving problem as an investment banker as well as insight from the industry experts.

This year, we have prepared the trending issues that need further exploration from investment banker, such as digital payment industry which has massively affected the economy digitalization. Nowadays, only a few business combinations are seen, therefore one need to further identify possible collaboration that might lead to a potential synergy. We challenge undergraduate students from all around the world to explore more into digital payment industry and solve the issues as an investment banker in Indonesia Investment Banking Competition 2019!



Technology advancement and electronic-based business models are creating a disruption in today’s economy. One of these changes are in the innovation of digital payments as an alternative to conventional payment methods. Through digital payments, methods of recording, managing, and exchanging access to commerce, investment, and other daily life transactions have been changed and simplified. Exponential development of this newfound technology could accelerate financial inclusion through the speed, security, transparency, and cost efficiency that it could present in daily transactions.

However, many have not engaged in these systems despite its benefits.Even though some are hesitant to enter the ‘unknown’ world of digital payment, companies are slowly forced to follow the trend of payment digitalization to stay in the economy. This has created a new market for it which has led the digital payment industry to grow rapidly, pushing companies in the industry to strive its way to success. These companies are known to grow through IPOs, capital injections, or M&As. As a pioneer in Investment Banking competition in Indonesia, we would like to highlight the current trend by establishing “Embracing Cashless Society” as our theme. We intend to share that digital payment is another way to improve the economic system, while also introducing the rather new industry to our participants through cases and seminars.

This year, Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) will enter its sixth-year in educating and providing first-hand experience of becoming an investment banker for undergraduate students. Founded under Finance and Investment Society (FIS) Universitas Prasetiya Mulya in 2014, IIBC serves as a platform of education and networking for undergraduate students. In addition, IIBC also acts as a forum to interact with real world’s finance professionals and the industry itself. This year, we will create a more challenging environment by making the digital payments as our grand theme in order to encourage our participants to perceive finance in a global and modern landscape.


Why Is It Important to participate in IIBC?

Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) with the theme “Embracing Cashless Society" will give you many benefits. You will get an experience as an investment banker and new knowledge about current issue in finance industry. Other than that, you will get to know more about Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the ethics in finance industry. Furthermore, you will be able to expand your networking by being acquainted with other participants with similiar passion.