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Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) 2017 Day 1 was held on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. During opening ceremony, Mr. Elliot Simangunsong, Ph. D (Vice Dean Education Dissemination and Development Department) together with Ms. Aulia Nurul Huda, MM (Manager of Undergraduate Finance Program), Mr. John Iwan Kusno, M. Acc (Mentor of Finance and Investment Society), Michael Mustopo (President of FIS 2016-2017), Vinson Budiman (President of IIBC 2017) rang the gong to announce that IIBC 2017 has officially started.

Our first keynote speaker was Mr. Reynold Wijaya, CEO of Modalku. Mr. Reynold gave an overview on Financial Technology (FinTech) in Indonesia and shared a little about his experience and obstacles in founding process of Modalku. After Mr. Reynold finished his keynote speech, Mr. William Budiharsono, Head of Investment Team of Inspire Ventures continued with Introduction to Fintech and gave deeper understanding on Fintech and explained types of Fintech. Followed by session “Products of Fintech”, we had three experienced speakers talking about three different products of Fintech. Mr. Ivan Arie Sustiawan, CEO of Tanihub , Mr. Jonathan Barki, Vice President of GO-PAY, and Mr. Johnny Widodo, Director of OVO, explained all three companies and its products, how it helps Indonesia in attaining the financial inclusion, and the obstacles that may come.

After lunch, the Top 25 Teams proceeded to preliminary case presentation. These teams were the ones that have successfully passed preliminary case analysis paper. The objective of this presentation was to give the opportunity for the Top 25 Teams to explain their analysis directly in front of our judges. The judges for first case presentation were Mr. Daniel Panggabean (Equity Analyst at Kresna Sekuritas), Mrs. Clairine Runtung (Investment Associate at Convergence Ventures), Mrs. Elisa Suteja (Portfolio Analyst at East Ventures), Mr. Rabbi Amrita Givatama (Investment Risk Manager at Mandiri Capital), Mr. Jasa Adhimulya (Equity Research Analyst at Philip Sekuritas), Mr. Yehuda Anthony Harahap (Equity Analyst at Philip Sekuritas), Mrs. Martha Christina (Financial Trainer at Philip Sekuritas), Mr. Aurelius Altius Rosimin (Investment Banking Associate at Mandiri Sekuritas), Mr. Arief Fadillah (Investment Banker at Mandiri Sekuritas), Mr. Winston Adi (Investment Analyst at MDI Ventures), and Mr. Evan Lie Hadiwidjaja (Head of Research at PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas). All teams seemed to do their best during this phase, as the result of their presentation would indicate whether or not they will go to the next stage, which was to be one of The Top 5 Teams.

The Top 25 Teams had a coffee break before they continued to join Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Valuation Talk, which was led by Mr. Rizwan Rizal Abidin, Director of M&A of CIMB. Through the session, Mr. Rizwan gave debriefing for the participants on the execution for the second case. He explained things they should focus on while doing M&A calculations. He also mentioned that synergy is a very important factor to consider in M&A.