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Indonesia Investment Banking COmpetition (IIBC) 2019 was held from May 14th to 16th, 2018. This year also marks the 5th year for Indonesia Investment Banking Competition and also the first year in which IIBC was opened to International participants. IIBC 2018 had successfully gathered 71 teams from all over Asia including Singapore and Japan. The top 20 semifinalists were invited to Universitas Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus for the semifinal and final round.

The first day of IIBC 2018 was held at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and opened with a speech done by Ms. Vania F. Halim as the President Director of IIBC 2018. Followed by an opening speech by Mrs. Wijantini, Ph. D. as the Vice Dean I of Universitas Prasetiya, she also strike a gong to mark the beginning of IIBC 2018. Following the opening speech was a performance by Tatra Sasikirana and a flashback video of IIBC 2017.

For the first session, Mr. Michael T. Tjoajadi (CEO of Schroder Investment Management Indonesia) gave participants knowledge about digital economy. He gave an example of digital disruption to open up with transportation as a prime example. People used to order ojek (Indonesian motorcycle taxi) manually but now people can easily use various applications. Another example is in buying or selling stocks, mutual funds, and other financial or non-financial products. People in the 21st century can buy or sell stocks directly using various applications without having to go through a broker. One of the major driving force behind these economic digitalization is the change in people’s mindset. Other generations are more reluctant to use online services, however millennials are already use to it. In another 10-15 years, the digital economy will take over and cause resources to become cheaper because of increased in efficiency.

Next, a seminar about The Roles of Venture Capital which is moderated by Mrs. Isti Budhi Setiawati as Business Economics Program Secretary of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and delivered by two prestigious speakers, Mr. Rabbi Amrita Givatama (Risk Investment Manager of Mandiri Capital) and Mr. Naizer Ariffin (Head of Investments of Angel-eQ Investor Network). They talked about the importance of connecting startups with venture capitalists. Venture capitalists invest a lot of capital in new emerging startups and gain some ownership of it. In Indonesia, there are a lot of potential in the startup with many startups like Bukalapak, Tokopedia and Gojek. This is related to the digital economy because most of the successful startups in today’s modern world are dominated by tech startups. Even though in Indonesia tech startups are still relatively new (only 3-4 years), a significant amount has been invested in the sector. The most important factor when evaluating startups aren’t just the size of the market but also its growth.

Our semifinalists had lunch break before they presented their preliminary case to the judges. There were 15 judges for this competition, 10 external judges and 5 internal judges from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. The external judges are Ms. Marlene Tanumihardja (Equity Research Analyst at Samuel Sekuritas), Ms. Christine Natasya (Equity Research Analyst at Mirae Assets), Ms. Adeline Solaiman (Equity Research Analyst at Danareksa Sekuritas), Mr Anugerah Zamzami Nasr (Equity Research Analyst at Phillip Sekuritas), Mr. M. Adityo Nugroho (Equity Research Analyst at Philip Sekuritas), Mr. Nico Laurens (Head of Research at Panin Sekuritas), Mr. Bayu Pahlezza (Head of Investment at OSO Sekuritas), Ms. Febby Stephanie (Equity Research Analyst at Lauthandana), Mr. Isfhan Helmy (Head of Research at OCBC Sekurita) and Mr. Zulfa Hendri (Director at Majoris Asset Management). The 5 Internal judges are Finance Major Faculty Member including Mrs/ Aulia Nurul Huda, Mrs. Rathria Arrina Rachman, Ms. Glisera Agri Ariyan, Mr. John Iwan Kusno and Mrs. Fransisca Tharia Hartanto.

This presentation will determine which teams will continue to the final round. Closing today’s series of events was a seminar with the topic of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) brought by Prasetiya Mulya’s Faculty Member, Mrs. Fransisca Tharia Hartanto. In this seminar, semifinalists was given insight on M&A Valuation and how to make a good M&A analysis report. This last seminar aims to help participants in working on the final case which is about Merger and Acquisition.