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IIBC 2018 day 2 was held on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Our semifinalists with full of excitement continued their IIBC 2018 journey with a series of insightful events on Day 2. The second day of IIBC 2018 started off with CFA Talk session by Mr. Ricky Ichsan, CFA (CEO of PT Ghera Multi Wahana). Mr. Ichsan has an incredible reputation of achieving 9 different academic titles, nevertheless he has a background in Investment Banking for over 5 years and is an instructor for 6 different professional certifications at this moment.

Mr. Ichsan exclaimed that having a professional certification is a competitive advantage in success. It is because the world today plays on a competency based management, where GPA is not the key factor for companies or employers because the average GPA keeps on increasing each year. Therefore, professional certification like CFA is more intriguing to companies. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst and is globally recognized by multinational corporations, owning this certification is an advantage. He explained that CFA was first established in 1990, over 200 people have the CFA title and per year it only increases by around 10 people. In Indonesia, for every 1 million people, only one person is a CFA charterholder. Even though the CFA title is not easy to get, but this is a great pathway to achieve other degrees and certifications.

The day then continued with Investment Banking (IB) Talk among Mr. Teguh Wirahadikusumah (Head of Investment Banking at Mandiri Sekuritas) and Mr. Syahruddin Ikhsan Dongoran (Head of Financial Advisory at Bahana Sekuritas) that was moderated by Mrs. Aulia Nurul Huda (Manager of Undergraduate Finance and Banking Program of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya). Participants of IIBC 2018 received meaningful insights on the Investment Banking field and discover that; on the contrary to its difficulties, being a professional in this field is very much worth it. The talk revolved on the increasing demand of professionals in this field and the varieties of jobs that are available for Investment Bankers. Being an Investment Banker is a great learning opportunity: currently, this profession is being sought out by many corporations in Indonesia and around the world.

Lunch was served at the Investment Gallery located at the Hadi Budiman Hall and participants were given the chance to look around the booths from: DigiBank by DBS Bank, OSO Securities, Real Fit, and B-Residence. After lunch, the participants joined a session called Networking with Practitioners. We were honored to have 6 insightful practitioners from a variety of renowned corporations that include: Mr. Yuda Nugroho (Product Manager at Taralite), Ms. Ardelia Djati Safira (Investment Analyst at PPA Kapital), Mr. Randy Noerlan (Former Advisory Banking at DBS Indonesia), Mr. Samuel Riko (Business Analyst at MarkPlus Inc.), Mr. Aldi Ciptadi (Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers), and Ms. Nadya Swastika (Research Associate at Samuel Sekuritas). All the semifinalists of IIBC 2018 acquired many new insights in the financial sector and the world of professional work. Also, got a chance to build networks with professionals.

Before ending the day, all the semifinalists were mixed and matched to groups named in currency. This session is called Networking with Peers that aims to break the ice between participants and let them know one another in a series of games. The “currency groups” were then divided into 4 teams, competing against one another to win these series of games. At the end of the day, all the participants and committee members of IIBC 2018 had so much fun!