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After a whole night of working through their final paper, the scorching sun did not discourage the excitement of IIBC 2019’s top 8 finalists as they explored the city of Jakarta. In this third day, they took part in a relaxing city tour around Kota Tua.

Laughter accompanied the participants as they started the tour by visiting Museum of Bank Indonesia. History, government policies, and other things related to Indonesia’s economy could be found there. Participants interacted with different multimedias available to better learn about the subject. Afterwards, they were invited to discover Indonesian culture which is a traditional puppet in the Wayang Museum. The local guide elaborated a few of the most common wayang and their role in Indonesian folktales. Besides learning about different types of wayang in Indonesia, the finalists made straw puppets themselves as a token of memory for the visit. At the end of the day, they toured the exhibitions to see a collection of puppets from all around the world namely Indonesian, Russian, Indian, and many more.

Signs of joy were spread out among the finalists. The day ended with participants heading back to the hotel, getting ready to tackle another big day ahead.