Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) is the initial and biggest investment banking competition in Indonesia, firstly held in 2014. This annual external event is held under the Finance and Investment Society (FIS) at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and was an immense triumph during 2019 with total participation of more than 90 teams coming from various universities around the world.


Indonesia Investment Banking Competition (IIBC) will enter its seventh year of prosperity whilst bestowing first hand experience of what it means to become an investment banker for undergraduate students. Founded under Finance and Investment Society (FIS) at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya in Indonesia, IIBC acts as a means to interact with the financial professionals in the real world and the industry itself.

Ever since 2018, we’ve ascended our standards by inviting international undergraduate students to join the competition in Indonesia. With that, IIBC 2019 is notably a major success with more than 90 teams participated from universities around the world.


IIBC offers the opportunity for both national and international undergraduate students to dive in and explore deeply into the investment and banking world. Along with a standardized benchmark made in this competition, IIBC aims to improve the quality and skill of all participants by challenging them on solving diverse cases and giving them the experience to comprehend the finance industry.

We provide a place for undergraduate students who have a keen interest in the finance world to go beyond their abilities, upgrading themselves, and wisely use this opportunity to step further into the professional financial industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join?
Indonesia Investment Banking Competition is an open-entry international competition so any one from anywhere in the world can enter as long as they can form a team consisting of 2-3 full time undergraduate students of the same university.
No, this competition is made only for undergraduate students.
Unfortunately, no. All team members must be from the same university.
No, the team cannot be changed once the registration process is completed.
No, your team does not need an/a advisor/teacher companion to register for the competition.
IIBC is an investment banking competition that works on various financial cases such as the merger and acquisitions of companies, IPO, and other more. More information will be informed once your team has reached into the case distribution level.
The registration will be open from March 3rd 2020 - April 5th 2020.
The registration process can be done through the IIBC 2020 website at www.iibc-prasmul.com
The competition will start with a preliminary round where all participants are required to solve the first case received from the case distribution within the time period of March 9th, 2020 - April 12th, 2020. The case then should be submitted in the form of paper. Next, the top 20 will be announced through our official website and social medias for they have gotten into the semifinal round. They should execute the video submission within the time period of April 20th 2020 - May 3rd 2020. Lastly, an announcement of the top 10 will be made and they will all be invited to Indonesia especially Universitas Prasetiya Mulya to have the final round from June 3rd 2020 - June 6th 2020.
The paper should all be written in English.
Yes, all will be submitted online in the preliminary and semifinal round including the video submission.
Confirmation emails can be waited up to 3x24 hours and make sure that you have sent the proof of transfer beforehand.
Overall, the main event will take place in Indonesia for four days from June 3rd 2020 to June 6th 2020. All top 10 participants are required to follow the whole four days rundown that has been scheduled by the committee. Regardless of what was included in the rundown, it will not be borne by the committee.
Yes, all top 10 teams’ expenses regarding plane tickets will be covered.
No, participants will have to take care of it on their own. We will only send an official letter from our university to yours.
For more inquiries regarding the competition, you can contact us through email iibc@monositeid.com, Line @iibc_prasmul or Whatsapp +628211487224


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